Residential and Commercial

Most comprehensive software solution for Residential and Commercial construction. Switch seamlessly between residential and commercial projects.

Cloud Advantage

  • Cloud software with Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smart phone compatibility
  • 24/7 data availability – In the office, on the road, on-site or at home
  • Scalable solution without any hardware cost
  • No server or setup cost – the only requirement is an internet enabled device
  • A secure system with auto back-ups

Data Storage Options

123worx offers cloud hosting and storage in Canada and the USA. Canandian and US companies have the option to store their data in their country.

Integrates with other Cloud Applications

Allows easy integration of:

  • Off-the-shelf cloud applications for construction e.g. specialized construction applications such as accounting, Business Intelligence
  • Cloud-based business applications e.g. Microsoft Office 365
  • Cloud-based communication applications e.g. Zoom, Teams and messaging apps

Easy to Use

Easy as 123. Provides intuitive user experience. If you can use MS Office, you can use 123worx.

Total Control

A powerful construction management solution that gives you and your team control of every project and every aspect of your business.

Easy Migration

123worx makes it easy to migrate from your existing software with the ability to easily import existing company and project data into 123worx. Our support team will work with you to help with the migration process.

Auto Workflow

123worx offers end-to-end business and project workflow through our integrated solution. Auto workflow combined with auto-emails, auto-task management and flexible templates turns 123worx into a powerful productivity suite.

Personalized Screens

With 123worx, every user can customize their application screens based on the fields they use most often and the data they need for their job. This makes it extremely easy to learn and use 123worx leading to enhanced productivity for each user.

Experience the Power of 123worx